Friday, March 4, 2011

In Which Connor Continues His Shenanigans

Connor stayed up until 2:30 in the morning, and then woke up at 7:00am raring to go.  I swear the child is turning parental sleep deprivation into an art form. 

I would have taken a nap during his school time, but he didn't go.   This is because he had his first seizure-- a three minute one-- shortly before we were fixing to head out the door.  Combining a major seizure with four and a half hours of sleep had the expected effect, and I put him back to bed.

The little guy ended up actually spending most of the day sleeping.  This is because he kept conking out, due to the fact that he had seven seizures today. 


These things are supposed to be tapering off, dang it-- not heading in the other direction.  Of course we're headed into a weekend too, which is even better.  If he has another day like this tomorrow we'll probably be heading back to the hospital, because it won't be safe for him to be at home without stronger emergency drugs.  It's always a struggle to know when to take him; any time he's at the hospital it puts him at risk of picking up an infection and complicating matters.  However, they have more powerful IV drugs there that can stop a pattern of seizures much more quickly than anything we have at home, and since Connor's apneic seizures have come back (he had one today and six of the other type) it's dangerous for him to be having so many. 

I'm sincerely hoping that the upped Lamictal dose just has yet to kick in, but the sudden upswing in seizures doesn't have me optimistic.  So we'll just sit tight tomorrow and see what things look like.  I'll be watching the kid like a hawk.

Or maybe Jeremy will be, since I might be napping.  It's ten in the evening now and Connor is making it clear he has no plans to fall asleep any time soon. 




Julia O'C said...

Good God, Jess. I wish had some advice, or at least something clever to say but I've got nothing. I just feel terrible about all of this.

krlr said...

I'm with Julia. Insert funny uplifting encouraging comment HERE.

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