Monday, July 27, 2009


It is hot here.

Now, I originally hail from Texas, and I know that in Texas 94 degrees, which is what it was supposed to get to to today, is not that big of a deal. Well, I'm here to tell all you Texans who are laughing at me right now for complaining-- try doing it without air conditioning. Oh, and with big windows and a huge glass sliding door, all facing south.

Connor had to sleep in the living room last night, underneath our one and only ceiling fan in the apartment. He's bedded down in there again tonight, as it's the only decently cool room in the house, thanks to the addition of a big box fan that our saint of a physical therapist loaned to us. All of the local stores are sold out of fans. If you'd been a fly on the wall in my living room today, you would have seen me, Connor and both cats sprawled out on the floor two feet from the box fan almost the entire day. I'm having to write this in five minute intervals because the computer room, with its constantly running electronics and halogen overhead light, is so hot that I can't stay in here longer than about that time period without overheating. It's probably well over 100 degrees in the office. I know it's time for a break when I start sticking to my chair and my fingers slide off the keyboard. Gross.

It's supposed to get to 97 degrees tomorrow. The average high normally here at this time of year is 76 degrees. Some stations are predicting 101 degrees on Wednesday.

Now, I can survive this sort of heat without too much trouble-- I am from Texas, after all, and so I know what to do in this type of environment: drink lots of water, take cold baths, spend eight hours shopping in air-conditioned grocery stores, etc. The problem is that I have a child with temperature regulatory issues, and while I'm confident that I'll be okay in the heat, I worry about him. Thankfully we've got the g-tube so I'm not worried about him dehydrating, but it's obvious that even the heat going to and from the car affects him pretty significantly. His reflux is really, really acting up, his eczema is rearing its ugly head again, and he has pretty much zero energy right now. Depending on how tomorrow goes, Connor and I may end up having to go rent a hotel room just for the air conditioning, just stopping by the house to refill the poor kitties water bowl.

To add insult to injury, it's 75 degrees and raining in Texas where my parents live now. I think they were sent the weather meant for us by mistake.

Please return it; I want it back.



Marc said...

Averige high temperature in Kandahar, Afghanistan this week, 151F or 64C for you canucks out there.

Connor's Mom said...

I believe that would be the "shut up and quit complaining because it could be worse" comment.

You're probably right.


Connor's Mom said...

On second thought . . . knowing other people are more miserable than I am doesn't really make me feel any better.

Also I have a child with temperature control issues that are severe enough they caused him to go into shock and have a major brain hemorrhage. So I think I'm allowed to be worried, even if it gets to only a paltry 97 degrees outside today.

Okay, that sounds kind of preachy. I'll get off my soap box now.


Julia O'C said...

Please, please, please: if you can manage it, go to a hotel. You both could probably use some quality sleep, and the last thing you need right now is another seizure or having Connor get over-heated. Go,go, go!!!
PS: Go!

Michael and Michelle said...

Totally understand the overheating issue. My oldest has temperature regulations issues so I have to make sure he drinks, drinks and drinks. He will put a blanket on in this kind of heat saying that he's warm, but confusing the need of a blanket for a more cooling a fan! He will usually end up with heat exhaustion, (fever, vomiting and lethargy) when we have two or more days in a row of intense heat. Thankfully our nights have been cool enough that we can get the house down to around 78-80F to begin the day. Otherwise it would be unbearable. I agree with the last person who commented...go, go, go! You both need a break! The only coming back! :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I say go to a hotel and don't feel the least bit guilty about complaining about the heat. Making sure Connor is OK is way more important that what anyone down south (or any where else) thinks! Hope the cooler weather heads your way really soon. :

terena said...

My daughter has temperature control issues too, so Summer time is always challenging. It's been above 100 for a week now, which is high for us (we average mid 90's this time of year). 105 today. We do have ac, but no in my car, so as soon as the temp gets above 95, we hide in the house. I took her out once for a quick trip to the market and by the time we got back she had a temperature and was beat red. I gave her a cool bath and a lot of fluids, but it was a reminder of how much heat is a danger for her.

Go ahead, complain away. It's HOT!

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