Saturday, July 18, 2009


Thanks so much, folks, for all the concerns and well wishes coming our way in the past couple of days. It's really nice to know that people, many of whom I have never met in person, care deeply about Connor-- makes me feel wonderfully supported. Anyway, thanks again!

I got a phone call from Jer yesterday evening; it was really nice to hear his voice on the phone. This time Connor was awake, so he got to talk to his Daddy. It was really cute; when I held the phone up to the little guy's ear and he heard his Daddy's voice his eyes opened really wide and then he spent the next two minutes laughing into the phone. He was delighted! I'm so glad that he was awake this time, as he obviously loved having Jeremy talk to him, and I'm sure Jer enjoyed hearing his son's happy giggling over the line.

My camera is out of batteries, which is a sad state of affairs. Must go shopping tomorrow so I can post more pictures of my adorable child. I swear about a third of my computer memory is tied up in pixelated images of Connor's face.

Speaking of shopping: I had respite care today from twelve to four, so Anna and I hit the thrift stores in search of a corner bookcase. I need one because once again I am out of space for my books, and as we all know, in my household getting rid of books is Not To Be Done. While we did not find a bookcase, I did come home with a new (new to me, anyway) dress, skirt, shoes, and flower vase. This is the danger of thrift store shopping-- I always find things I didn't know I was looking for until I see them. I have to be careful and not go to often or I'll be in danger of filling my house with ridiculous little knickknacks, like I don't know, macrame plant holders and ceramic cats or something.

Oh well.


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Michael and Michelle said...

Your more than welcome. We keep Connor in our prayers over here at the Ouellette Compoound! :)
By the way, I had no idea your husband was away while you've been going through all've been doing an amazing job! We will be sure to keep your husband in our prayers too!

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