Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Which I Pursue Yet More Creative Endeavors

I'm going to make this fairly short, because I stayed up too late last night looking at random YouTube videos and as a result I'm pretty tired.

Anyway, I devoted a good portion of today to making jewelry, which is yet another on-again, off-again hobby of mine. A friend and I headed down to Shipwreck Beads, which is this huge warehouse full of beads and jewelry making supplies. They claim to have the world's largest selection of beads, and I'd believe it-- we're talking millions of beads here, people. It's overwhelming enough for me, but Connor goes into overdrive in this place. The colors! The shapes! The sparkly things! For a kid with sensory issues, it's either paradise or hell depending on whether or not this is the first errand we've run or one of several, and how napping went that morning. I bought entirely too many beads, and generally enjoyed myself. Connor was luckily in a pretty good mood, so he enjoyed himself too.

After all of the jewelry making fun (it was a productive evening, as you can see from the rather blurry picture) I went to my first Signed Exact English class of the summer. It's a really, really small class this year, so that should be nice since everyone gets to know each other pretty well. We have to pick a song, story, or poem this class to read (or sync) and sign to at the end of the semester. I'm going to have a hard time choosing, as there are so many good songs and books! I'm happy to be back in the class, as I don't have anyone to practice with at home right now with Jer gone. Connor understands the signs, but all of the signs he uses are "home signs," meaning they are modified for his motor skills, so I don't have anyone to practice my receptive language skills on. They get rusty pretty quickly, as I discovered tonight when we had a review. Oh well-- that's what I get for getting behind on my studying!

Maybe if I feel confident enough with whatever book or song I do I'll post a video of it on here for you all to see and giggle over. Maybe. If you promise not to giggle too much.



Julia O'C said...

Your jewelry is very pretty! Ever consider an Etsy shop?

Julia said...

Lovely jewelry, and I'm looking forward to the SEE video!

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