Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Explorations!

Connor and I did some very important things today! Important things require Pith Helmets of Dignity. Now if he would only wear a monocle and grow a mustache . . .

Anyway, one of the most important things that happened today was that we dropped by Good Sam and picked up Connor's beautifully modified tricycle and a big surprise . . . a stander! Apparently another family with a child who had outgrown his stander donated it to the occupational therapy area of Good Samaritan, and it just so happened that this was the exact stander in the exact size that we had been considering for Connor. It came with the tray and everything! We tried it out and it's a perfect fit for the little guy. Not only that, but he was very comfortable in it and actually tolerated it without protest for an unbelievable twenty minutes! While we'll be waiting weeks for his other ordered equipment, we took the stander home with us today, and it's now sitting bright and shiny in the middle of our living room, just waiting for new adventures.

Connor's new stander is a Snug Seat Toucan, by the way-- for those interested in that kind of thing. It's very well made, fully and easily adjustable (each part adjusts independently for a perfect fit), provides prone or upright support, and is even on wheels so it's easy to move around the room. It's head and shoulders above the standers we tried out earlier. Perfect!

When we're finished with the stander (hopefully someday Connor will graduate to a walker) we'll give it back to Good Samaritan. In the meantime to work towards that goal Connor will be doing everything in it. And I mean everything. Mealtime? Standing time! Sensory time? Standing time! Potty time? Okay, maybe not. But you get the picture.

Look out, Connor! New horizons ahead!



Colleen said...

YAY!! I will have to check out this model. We borrow a stander tomorrow to see how we like it.

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

I love that picture - what a sweet little face.

So exciting about the tricycle and stander! I am glad that he liked it and hope he enjoys all of his quality time in his stander. : )

Julia said...

Such a find upstanding gentleman.... (Sorry, I just had to make that pun.)

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