Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oreos of Terror?

As many of you wonderful readers pointed out, I should probably give this new doctor a chance before being so hard on him.

Thanks, guys, for putting me back on track when I get whiny! I tend to get a little overwrought about this sort of stuff. With any luck he'll be a great doctor. I was just really hoping for somebody who was going to be sticking around for a while, since the residents head off to other locales after three years. You all are right, though; I shouldn't knock the guy 'till I've met him.

Speaking of being silly-- I realized this morning that I forgot to declare the box of Oreos I included in Jer's last care package on the customs sheet. I now have a completely irrational fear that I will be fined and/or arrested for lying on a customs sheet. Either that or that the package will be blown up by a bomb squad due to the possible inclusion of "Terrorist Oreos." This would be a horrible waste of Oreos.

Today we went to go try out a few demo standers for Connor. I am sad to say that the two we looked at were definite no-gos-- they were pretty shoddily made and didn't really suit his needs. Looks like we'll be ordering all of his other necessary equipment first while we continue to look for a good stander. I'm disappointed, as it will mean a delay on the stander, but I'd rather get a good piece of equipment than settle for something that's going to need a whole lot of modification on the OT's part to make it decent. My theory is that if my insurance company is shelling out 3,000 bucks for a piece of equipment, it should probably not need to be taken completely apart and rebuilt from the frame up in order to work.
Here's some examples of standers, for those of you who aren't familiar with them.

Steve is going to try and get us a couple more demo models of other standers that might be better-- we sat down at a computer and scrounged up some others that seem to be worth a look. I'm really glad that we're able to look at demo models; not every company has them, but it's really really nice to be able to see what the piece of equipment looks like in three dimensions and to see how it would work with Connor.



leah said...

Egads- I hope the Oreos make it through unscathed!

If the new doctor does turn out to be a lunkhead, then you reserve all rights to go beserk on him. It does suck that he'll have to move on in three years...I hate switching doctors because the medical history is so hard to cover. And my kids have much smaller files than Connor!

Good luck with test driving the standers- hopefully you'll find one that suits Connor soon!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Yikes - terrorist Oreos - who knew there was such a thing! Hope they arrive safe and sound and you don't get thrown in prison or anything.

Question on the standers - which ones did you get to try out in person? We are looking for a new stander and don't the option of test-driving. So I was curious...

Lin said...

Wow--and how would you decide if you didn't have models to try out??

Julia O'C said...

I felt bad about my comment on your last post. Good doctor or no, switching every 3 years sounds like a major pain.

Good luck with the stander. Oh, and good luck with the Oreos! If we don't hear from you for a while, I will assume that you've been arrested.

Connor's Mom said...

wherever HE leads we'll go:

I know one of them was the Leckey Prone Stander. I can't remember off the top of my head what the other one was-- I'll have to ask Steve when I see him on Friday. Sorry.


Connor's Mom said...

Julia O'C: Don't feel bad! You shouldn't. :)


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the standers made by Rifton. I don't know much about this sort of thing, but Rifton is a part of Community Playthings. They make the most durable, well made and beautiful toys and equipment for early childhood programs and the stuff lasts forever. My day care had blocks that were 30 years old and still good.

Connor's Mom said...

While I certainly agree with you on the quality of Rifton's products (we're ordering a couple of other pieces of equipment from them and know they have a stellar reputation) their standers won't work for Connor. He's to the point where what he really needs is support from the waist down, and so they actually offer too much support. Thanks for the suggestion, though!


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