Friday, March 5, 2010

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I swear.  Things have just been a wee bit crazy around here.  Here's a sneak peek of what we've been up to:



More tomorrow!



The Henrys said...

Beautiful! Many blissful hours could be spent there!

Lissa said...

WOW!! Is that the same room?? Great job!

xraevision said...

This is the Big Reveal photo I've been waiting for! What an awesome library! I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!

Ann said...

You've got my room ready!!! Libraries are the most important room of ANY home ...

Julia O'C said...

WOW! Gorgeous!

gloria said...


Lisa said...

I usually lurk and read (or read and lurk) but I just have to come out and verbalize my approval!

That is so beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to work through the 'stuff' of life and continue to be blessed, both by that stuff and by the 'stuff' of others???

Wow. I cannot wait to see the rest. It is lovely and I can't imagine a more deserving mom/wife.

Take care~
Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks
(Eli's Mom! CHD and Autism)

Mary said...

Oooooo. Love it! What a perfect place for your little wall-mounted book sculptures. I also loooove the new chairs. I feel the need to point out that they appear to be pretty much the same shape as the chairs that mom and dad keep buying new versions of. We have v 2.0. You appear to have acquired v 4.0. Nice upgrade. :)

Julia said...

Wow. I think that will now be my new "peaceful image" that I picture whenever I need to come down a few notches on the stress meter. Oh, to heck with just picturing it -- you won't mind if I just drop by sometime when I really need to relax, will you? How is tomorrow looking for you? I'll bring chocolate.

*Tasha* said...

I am just STARING at the bottom picture. It is superbly beautiful.

Also, I just saw your comment about the home show! I would've loved to go. We should find something else to go to or just meet up for a quick cup of tea if you're ever in Seattle. I sign SEE too, so no worries about ASL. :)

My goodness!! *stares at picture again* The wood is exquisite and that ugly wallpaper trim is gone! What makes up the majority of the books, by the way? Fiction, genre, what?

Jess said...

Thanks, everybody!

Julia, you are more than welcome to stop by. Especially with chocolate. Though it may be a wee bit of a commute.

Mary, we got more compliments on the book sculptures at the Open House than you would believe-- it was really funny. I always thought of them as kind of placeholders until I picked up other artwork (since they were SO easy to make and cost practically nothing) so I was kind of shocked at how many people liked them.

And yes, those are Mom and Dad chairs, only in eggplant and extra cushy. And they recline. Whoo hoo!

Tasha, we'll just have to hit the next home show together!

I have a little bit of just about everything on those shelves-- poetry, fiction, mystery, YA, and a whole lot of science fiction and fantasy. About the only thing you won't find up there is bodice rippers; I don't read a whole lot of the genre.

So glad everybody likes the house!


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