Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Which We Have The Internet Once Again!

I am happy to tell y'all that I am now sitting in my very own comfy recliner in my lovely little library blogging away, instead of doing it in somebody else's recliner at a coffee shop or on the floor of the old apartment.  We've got the Internet here now!  So because I love you all so much, or perhaps because I'm a tad masochistic, I'll try and give you two entries a day until I'm done showing you all the house.  Just don't expect me to blog more than once a day after the tour is finished, as I already have enough trouble coming up with blogging material for the seven entries a week I usually do.  Barring weeks that Connor isn't attempting to kick the bucket, of course.  Those weeks usually have way, waaaaaaaaay more blogging material than I ever wanted.  Ever.

Anyway, so we're about 90% moved in now.  Today Jer's mom, who is here visiting, did what Grandmas usually do when they are visiting their only grandchild; she kicked us out of the house for a date night so she could spend time with the grandchild in question.  We like our date nights, and so we went with minimal protest (meaning that Grandma managed to get out "Why don't I watch Connor for y--" before her sentence was cut off by the front door closing as we sprinted down the walk towards the car, dived inside, and peeled out of the driveway).

We ate dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant in Puyallup: My Greek Mediterranean Grill.  We absolutely love the place, for a few reasons.  I love it because of the down-home feel and the fantastic food.  Jeremy loves it because they serve extremely tasty baby animals and because they have an appetizer that involves fire.  This is the last restaurant we went to before Jer deployed, and the first one we ate at after he returned home (when they served us a complimentary appetizer that involved fire and cheese and then a couple of tables fought over who got to pay our bill) and so we have good memories of it.  It also doesn't hurt that the owners love Jeremy and thus ply us with delicious baklava on the house practically every time we go.  Mmm.  Baklava.

Then we drove over (of course) to one of the approximately eight billion local coffee shops we patronize, and sat in comfy chairs reading, in Jer's case, a collection of Glen Cook novels, and in my case Julie and Julia, which caused me to snort toffee/marshmallow latte through my nose when I got to the part about Julie vivisecting that poor lobster.  When nine pm rolled around we headed back home, because somehow staying out really, really late lost its appeal when we still had to get up at six in the morning the next day. 

At any rate we had a great time, and we're so glad to be (mostly) settled into the new house.  Connor has acclimated well now that we're actually living here instead of just bringing boxes over and making him think we're leaving him all by himself forever and so he's sleeping through the night again and seems to be reasonably happy.  The cats are, of course, going totally insane-- Loki jumped up onto our fireplace mantle this morning and then couldn't figure out how to get down, and Cricket spends a lot of time hiding under various large pieces of furniture and growling at everything that moves-- but I'm confident they'll calm down soon enough.  Now that I've brought the camera cable over I can start taking updated pictures, so expect some of those tomorrow.  Everything looks pretty much the same except now there are many more surfaces in the house that are covered with books, and also Connor is here so everything is made cuter by his very presence.

It's good to be home!



Katy said...

I enjoyed the Julie and Julia book. Read it right when I first started blogging.

xraevision said...

Anything involving cheese and fire must be good - it's a winning combination, and the Greeks know how to do it right!

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