Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Room By Room: Connor's Room

And last but certainly not least, here's Connor's room!

I have to tell you about the last owner's inspired decorating scheme in here.  While normally I'm not one to criticize anyone's personal tastes, this room kind of takes the cake.  This is the only room in the entire house, including the bathrooms, that did not have a stenciled design in it.

They had a dartboard hung in here.  A harvest gold, kelly green, and crimson dartboard.  Design inspiration!  You can see the glorious results in the slideshow after the jump.

They must have taken this dartboard to the paint store, because the colors on the walls matched it exactly.  They left the ceiling white.  Please believe me when I say that pictures truly do not do this room justice.  It was the sort of paint job that upon entering the room instinctively made you want to back away slowly, being careful to make no sudden movements.  I think the whole house uttered a giant sigh of relief when it was painted over it in latte.  It was probably giving the poor thing indigestion.

Now, of course, the focus is all on the beautiful dreamy ceiling treatment, which was done by Rhonda Canales (the same person who painted that amazing kitchen hood).  The design suggests clouds, but it's abstract enough that as Connor gets older the room can mature with him.  He loves looking up at it, and it makes me want to hang out in his room all day! 

As much as possible we wanted to make Connor's room a haven for him instead of a miniature hospital room, and so the great built-in cabinet to hide his many, many medical supplies was the perfect solution.  Since these pictures were taken cabinet doors have been added to the bottom of the built-in, which houses his portable oxygen, g-tube supplies and other equipment, and we've added easily accessed bins for the open cubes.  His toys are neatly stored in the bottom bins, and more medical supplies reside in the upper bins.  Another couple of matching bins store more toys in his bookcase and clothes in his closet.  The gerbils also have a home in here now, perched on a white end table.  We have yet to hang his therapy swing, but that will probably happen pretty soon. 

While Connor is camping out on a mattress zen-style right now, his bed, which Signature is custom-building, should be ready and installed by the end of this week!  It's the perfect height for me to be able to get him in and out without difficulty, and it fits a twin-sized mattress so it can last him a long time.  We can't wait to see it put together; I'll take some pictures of the updated room as soon as it's in place!

New doors, window, floor, paint, trim, remote control blinds (so cool!), and lighting round out the space.  I'm so glad that Connor has a beautiful, soothing room as a haven now.  It looks like a little boy's room instead of a hospital room, and for that I'm very grateful.  He certainly seems to love it; he loves playing in there and has slept easily through the night since we started living at the house, which is a blessing! 

That's it for the in-depth tour, unless you really want to see the innards of our (accessible) closets or something.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!


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Colleen said...

What a nice room! I'm sure Connor is going to love it!

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