Monday, March 29, 2010

In Which We're Just About Moved Out!

This is the third day in a row that we've had respite care!  We planned it that way because we figured we'd be down to end-of-the-month crunch time with the apartment.  However the maid service my parents so graciously hired for us to take some of the pressure off me came through the apartment this morning, and I'd say the apartment is pretty much taken care of at this point. 

It was very odd moving out of civilian housing versus moving out of military housing.  The standards for cleanliness are just a wee bit different.  When we announced our intention to move off post last year we received a multiple page checklist detailing absolutely everything inside and outside the entire house that had to be cleaned before we moved out or we would be charged for it.  This included items such as cleaning the refrigerator drip pan, the inside of the windows, and power washing the outside of the house.  I sort of assumed, having little experience with this sort of thing, that this was fairly standard fare in the world of home renting.  So when I went through our apartment move out procedures this morning, I was a little worried when I couldn't find the cleaning checklist.  I actually asked for another copy at the office.  They handed me a one-page list of what they'd charge if we broke something.  The lady behind the desk told me to "make sure that the apartment was reasonably clean." 

It was so easy.  Weird.

So since I don't have to power wash the outside of the apartment or anything, we're mostly finished with the move now. We have one more day of respite care-- our fourth in a row-- and I'm figuring we'll be doing a little bit of playing!  We've already been to the bookstore several time, seen a movie (How To Train Your Dragon-- even without the deadpan humor and good plot it would be worth a watch for its gentle treatment of physical disabilities), and eaten out a ton.  It's nice to have so much time to spend just with Jeremy, though we're sort of running out of things to do. 

Kind of a nice problem to have, I think.


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leah said...

Having some free time is definitely a nice problem to have- you deserve a break and some relaxation!

I had a friend who lived on base when I was a kid, and their lawn had to be mowed to a specific height. Military housing is definitely different than civilian! :-)

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