Sunday, March 7, 2010

Room By Room: Entry

As promised, here's the first in depth room-by-room talk about the house!  I've included a slideshow after the jump so you can see the construction process, and I want to tell you about the modifications that were done to make the house more accessible (and also gorgeous).

I think that it's appropriate to start with the entry.  The modifications start just outside the house, where the steps were replaced with a sloping walk that follows the path of the original walkway and is easily to navigate in a wheelchair.  The new zero-threshold door ensures that Jeremy and Connor can roll through with no big bumps on the way into the house.

Wainscoting that lines the entryway protects the walls from the inevitable bumps and dings that accompany wheelchair use, and along with the molding around the door adds a great deal of presence to the room.  The new laminate floor is easy to keep clean and provides minimum resistance for the chairs (Connor and I have already whizzed up and down the hallways several times and find them more than satisfactory for wheelchair races).  The door lever is much easier to use than a knob would be.

Other modifications include new lighting, paint, sliding closet door, hardware and lightswitch covers. 

Tomorrow, the living room!



Julia O'C said...

What is it about a red door that looks so welcoming?

xraevision said...

I'm a huge fan of red front doors! I've been thinking about painting ours bright red for nine years, and I may just actually do it this year!

leah said...

I love the red door, too. We're going to do laminate flooring on our main level this summer. I love the way it looks, not to mention the ease of cleaning.

Your house is just beautiful!!

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