Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Which I Almost But Not Quite Post A Video Of Jer, And Spread The Word About A Blogger Who Could Use Some Support

Well I thought I took a video of Jer walking for you all to post tonight, but I just attempted to upload it onto the computer and evidently I sort of forgot to push the "record" button while I was filming, which evidently is a pretty critical detail to miss when filming a video.  Whoops.  As Jeremy has gone to bed, you'll just have to wait for another day to see Jeremy juggle while tap dancing.  Or walk.  The two are about equally awesome in my opinion.

So now this leaves me with absolutely nothing to talk about, as I thought I had my subject matter all covered and didn't bother to think up any other topics for today.  Which makes me think that rather than sticking around here, you should go visit Brandy over at Not So Average Mama.  She's having some seriously scary medical issues, such as stuttering, uncontrollable jerking, and the fact that one pupil is significantly dilated over the other.  She has no medical insurance.  She's got three little girls at home.

Jer and I are so grateful that he's in the military and thus we don't have to worry about medical bills adding up; we would be so deeply in debt by now if we didn't have everything covered that we'd probably never dig our way out from under the pile.  Brandy has entered a photo slideshow contest with a cash prize in an attempt to cover her testing-- I'd encourage you stop by, give her a "hello," and cast your vote to help her out! 



Not So Average Mama said...

Thank you so much! The contest ends today. I need like 4000 more votes to win. I doubt it will happen, but I have not given up. I am leaving here to go to the ER in just a few minutes. Things got way worse last night. I'll post an update on my blog as soon as I can. Thank you again! :)

Kristina said...

Hi! Just found your blog and am really amazed at Connor so thought I'd follow you. Hope that's ok with you.

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