Friday, March 26, 2010

Video: In Which Jeremy Walks With A Cane!

Before the video, I thought I'd give you a follow up on the gerbil debacle.  So Lili and I had a discussion earlier today (and if you don't think I would have a discussion with a gerbil you obviously haven't read a whole lot of this blog) and I am now mostly over the trauma of last night.  He was just doing what gerbils naturally do-- acting to prevent predators from finding the nest-- and while I'm not exactly used to seeing mini episodes of Planet Earth reenacted in my son's room, well, chalk this one up to a learning experience.  Of course gerbils are apparently also extremely territorial and will fight to the death if introduced to gerbils they weren't raised with, so Lili will have to be a solitary critter now.  I'll make an effort to keep him from being bored.  In return he promises to not mistake any of my fingers for dead gerbils.

And for goodness sake of course he had enough food and water.  After that whole earlier fiasco I've been a wee bit paranoid about that.

Um, anyway, moving on.  Jeremy has been doing a whole lot of cycling recently-- he has a bike now and since the weather has been beautiful he's been spending several hours a day out on the trails.  Today he found a tiny little bike rental place at the head of one of the trails he's been exploring, and since we have respite care tomorrow we're going to rent a bike for me and go out riding!  Provided the weather cooperates, of course-- it's pretty temperamental this time of year. 

Because Jeremy's been doing so much riding (and other physical activity) his balance has improved and he's looking great!  I badgered him into doing another video for me tonight as an apology to you all for the horrors of yesterday's post (be very, very glad I didn't include a picture with said post, by the way).  So without further ado, here he is!

Compare that to the last two videos.  Pretty amazing, huh?



Mary said...

Amazing progress. It's obvious how proactive he's being in his rehab and recovery. You snagged a good one, Jess. And a strong one, on many levels.

Niksmom said...

So wonderful to see his progress. That is one fiercely determined man. :-)

leah said...

Wow- at this rate, I fully expect to see the next video including a marathon. Awesome progress!

Lisa said...

Awesomely amazing!

Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Beyond awesome... absolutely amazing. Fiercely determined is right! Way to go!

Audrey said...

wow, Jeremy, I am truely impressed!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Jeremy! Keep it up!

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