Sunday, March 14, 2010

Room By Room: The Master Bedroom

Here's our bedroom! 

This is a huge room.  And when I say huge, I mean huuuuuuuge-- the kind of bedroom that architects generally say is a total waste of space in a house with this amount of square footage.  That's a king size bed languishing in the middle of the room in the "before" picture, which gives you the general idea of just how large this room is.  We briefly considered making this Connor's room before we decided that, nah, we couldn't resist having that space all to ourselves.  I'm so glad we did, too, because I'm relatively sure a king-size bed wouldn't fit in Connor's room very well, and after sleeping on the floor for the past five months (we couldn't fit Jeremy's hospital bed and a bed for me in the same room, so I've been carpet camping since early September) I am swooning over this bed and spend as much time in it as humanly possible.  Slideshow after the jump!

After debating over whether or not we wanted carpet in this room, we finally decided to go with laminate because we love the wood look and also because it really does make it so much easier for Jeremy to get around.  Those dramatic built-ins frame the new (also king size) bed perfectly, making it seem less like it's undersized for the space, and the crown molding lends a sense of luxury and sophistication.  The original French door opening didn't have three-foot wide doors installed, so if Jer wanted to enter the room he had to open both doors, which wasn't very convenient.  Reducing the doorway to a single three-foot wide opening simplified matters and allowed for more wall space.  The room is large enough that a reading area seemed a logical choice, and a dresser and a couple of occasional tables round out the space.  There's still plenty of room to maneuver, but the added furniture balances out the space much more nicely.  The blinds raise and lower automatically with the push of a button so Jeremy doesn't have to stand up to close them.  How cool is that?

Since these pictures were taken, doors have been added to the bottom of the cabinets, but otherwise the room still appears much as it looked in the "after" pictures, and I'm going to make a major effort to keep it that way. It occurs to me that in all of the places we've lived together (this house is number four-- five if you count a several month stint at my parents' place shortly after Connor was born) we've always spent the least amount of time and effort decorating our bedroom, choosing instead to focus on the rest of the house.  So this is the first time we've ever had a bedroom that feels like a finished space, and I have to say I'm a total convert.  I feel like I'm staying at a swanky hotel!  Maybe the 8,000th time I have to stick all those pillows on the bed the charm will wear off, but for now I'm a pretty happy camper.  Now of the non-carpet variety.

Tomorrow, the office!


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leah said...

It is so beautiful- I love the built-in bookcases on both sides of the bed. It definitely looks like a relaxing place to go at the end of the day!

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