Monday, March 15, 2010

In Which Cricket Finds A New Hang-Out

Guess where Cricket decided to hang out today?

Evidently she decided to take the whole vulture thing to the extreme.  That window is, oh, ten or eleven feet off the ground, which isn't probably all that impressive in Cat Land.  However, the fact that she had to jump into and out of the window from the mantle and thus somehow manage to make a 90 degree turn in mid-air has to count for something.  This isn't the first time I've seen a cat blatantly ignore the laws of physics, but it was one of the more spectacular examples to watch.  I've seen her do it several times now and I'm still befuddled as to how she manages it. 

Connor had a pretty good day today-- he went to school, hung out with Grandma, etc.  His hair is getting to be  way, way too long-- check out this picture of him finger painting yesterday.  He's currently sporting what could arguably be called a mullet, and the only person I think is really allowed to sport a mullet is David Bowie.  I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with Connor having anything in common with David Bowie, though being King of The Goblins might be pretty cool.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to the hair salon to get the little guy a trim.  I know, I know-- taking a three year old to the hair salon?  Why would I do such a thing when I have a perfectly good pair of scissors at home?  The answer is that I like my son with ears still attached to his head, and the fact that he has a tendency to be extremely wiggly combined with my general lack of hand-eye coordination is not a good mix.  Jeremy always suggests that we just shave it all off, but we tried that once and not only did I miss his hair (he looked so OLD) but my mom just about had a conniption fit.  She likes his hair too.  Also he has kind of a wonky head.  So we'll go to the hair salon and get it done there.

Sigh.  He's getting so big.


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AragonaRanch said...

He's so cute Jess... I love your house, just gorgeous!!

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