Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Which I Work On My Child's Instruction Manual

I spent the vast majority of today organizing things in our house, making a giant checklist of what I still need to do and working on finishing my massive handbook of All Things Connor for my parents and mother-in-law to reference while they're watching the little guy during our Thailand trip. 

It's a massive piece of anal-retentive and relatively dry reading, but hey-- my kid is complicated and I'm a paranoid helicopter mom.  I'm pretty sure they're all used to it by now and will indulge me.  I've installed Skype on our iPad so I can check in with them a few times during the trip.  I believe this is by far the longest we've ever left the little guy, and I'm going to miss him bunches!  Luckily we'll have plenty of things to keep ourselves occupied with on the trip.  Like, you know, suddenly becoming a family of four. 

Eleven days!


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