Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Which We Feel Better And I Hope For A White Christmas

Connor returned to school today; he seems to be pretty much fully recovered.  Honestly I'm loving this whole 48-hours-and-done illness thing, because it used to be that he'd get sick and it would linger for weeks and weeks.  So his immune system seems to be functioning pretty well right now.  Hooray for that!

It looks like mine is going to be a pretty short bug too, which is nice but less unexpected.  I started out the morning feeling lousy, but by the end of the day was feeling quite a bit better.  I don't have quite the cast iron immune system that Jeremy does-- that man gets sick maybe once a year-- but I generally don't have illnesses linger, either.

I had to scrape ice off the windshield this morning; it looks like our weather is finally turning.  It's supposed to be a fairly mild winter, but it will still probably be about thirty degrees cooler than Ellen is used to.  She'll be coming right at the beginning of our worst season; January through April are pretty miserable here even for people who are used to it.  We moved here in the late October time frame, so we at least had a glimpse of what the weather would be like the rest of the year before we had to endure The Rain That Never Ends.  Hopefully she'll be too distracted by everything else to mind the weather too much, but we're stocking up on winter gear for her as she's likely to be pretty cold.

I'm actually hoping we might get a bit of snow, though nothing like last year.  There's a good chance that Ellen has never seen real snow; there's an amusement park in Thailand that has a room with the artificial stuff, but as a general rule snow doesn't fall there.  I think that would be a pretty neat welcome home!


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Simply, Sarah said...

If there isn't any snow over there, there should be in Leavenworth!

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