Friday, November 16, 2012

In Which We Get Squared Away And Put Up The Camera

Connor went to school today and apparently made it through slightly more of the day than yesterday before falling asleep.  We've got a busy week coming up, so I'll try and let him sleep in tomorrow.  Hopefully he'll be able to catch up a bit and get completely over this bug.

We got some great news today; our Article 5 has been issued!  That was the very, very last piece of important paperwork we needed for our trip.  I'm really glad it went through, since I was worried that we were running out of time before we travel.  We've got an appointment set up with the embassy for Ellen's visa, and also received confirmation of the date we'll go before the adoption board. 

I'll be taking my laptop with me and blogging in Thailand-- provided I can find an Internet connection, of course.  We'll also be using it to keep in touch with how Connor is doing while we're gone.  I don't know if I'll be able to get online and blog every day, but I'll do my best!

What you won't see during our trip (or after it for quite some time) are pictures of Ellen.  Our agency and the Thai government ask us not to post any identifying information or pictures of her in public places on the Internet until after our adoption is finalized, which won't be for at least six months after we bring her home.  And of course "Ellen" is an alias for her as well.  The United States has the same requirement for children families are fostering-to-adopt: no identifying pictures or information until an adoption is finalized. 

Once our adoption is finalized, I'll ask Ellen whether or not she's comfortable with having her real name revealed and/or pictures up on the blog.  She's old enough to have input in that decision. 


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Fiona said...

Even without pictures, I can't wait to follow you on your journey to bring Ellen home.

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