Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Which We Have Guests

One of my best friends is visiting us from out of town for the next few days, which is pretty exciting!  I've known Ruth since fourth grade, so we're not so much friends as relatives by this point.  So I was pretty excited to finally meet her little guy for the first time.  He's almost a year old now, so the meeting is long overdue!

So they got in fairly late tonight, and the baby spent some time exploring the house before bed.  Connor is not particularly thrilled with this whole development.  The cats are not particularly thrilled either.  The baby seems to be delighted with all of them-- especially the cats-- and so we'll see how the next few days go!  I suspect that Cricket and Loki will be spending a whole lot of time in the laundry room behind the baby gate.

Of course, the way Jer explained the visit to Connor didn't help matters.  I believe the quote was something like "Mommy's going to the airport and bringing home a baby today!"  I believe Connor thought his daddy meant that the baby would be moving in permanently.  He was not excited. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to catching up with Ruth this weekend and getting to know her little guy!  It would be pretty neat if he and Connor could be as great friends as Ruth and I have been over the years, though with as far away as they live it's sadly not likely.  I just need to convince them to move up this way, right?


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Emthe said...

My husband and his bff started out hating each other's guts at 5 years old. There's always hope!

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