Friday, November 2, 2012

In Which We Toodle Around And Connor Is On Strike

This morning we dropped Connor off at school, ate some breakfast and then took a trip up to the Asian supermarket to pick up some supplies for dinner.  We found the biggest avocados I've ever seen in my life while we were there, so we had to buy one to try it out.  The consensus: it tastes like an avocado.  A really, really big avocado.  It was rather anticlimactic, but still delicious.

Anyway, then we hit the regular grocery store, stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and went to go pick up Connor from school.  The little guy still isn't sure what to make of our guests, but the cats have made their opinion abundantly clear.  At one point they were sitting on opposite ends of the mantle staring down at the baby with the same expression people usually reserve for gum on their shoes.  They are Not Amused. 

The baby is still delighted by them, however.  He's still certain they want to be his new best friends.  The cats are going to need a whole lot of convincing on that front.

Connor is protesting in a more subtle fashion; he's simply refusing to go to bed ever, ever again.  It's well past midnight now and he's still awake.  I think his strategy is to make it to where I'm completely unable to function tomorrow, so maybe our guests will get bored and go home. 

Oh well.  I'm having a blast with them, even if I'll need a lot of caffeine tomorrow!


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