Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Which We Do All The Things

We had a very busy day today!

I had no Thai lessons this morning but still had respite care, so Ruth, the baby and I all left Connor at home and took off for the Tacoma Art Museum.  Art museums in general are not something Connor particularly enjoys as they usually have a sad lack of music, lights or explosions, so I didn't think he'd mind.  The baby is still in the Everything Is Interesting phase, so he was equally delighted with his view of the artwork and of the floor tiles, people's knees, etc.  So it worked out well.

The art museum was having a Dia De Los Muertos festival today, so admission was free.  We saw the new Andy Warhol exhibit, looked through the Dale Chihuly collection, and saw a really neat sand painting and some cool ofrendas that children from various schools around the city had created.  The museum is pretty small and was a bit crowded today due to the festival, but we still had a good time.

After that we walked around in downtown Tacoma a bit, caught some lunch and then headed back to the house to pick up Connor.  Then we were off to the Pacific Science Museum for some more fun!  We met up with Daniel-- another friend from my hometown who lives up here-- and wandered through the butterfly house, the dinosaur exhibit, and (Connor's favorite) the naked mole rat exhibit, where they had a new litter of pups.  The kids were a bit overtired by the end of the museum trip, but still seemed to enjoy themselves.

After that we met up with Daniel's significant other Mel, and we all ate some delicious Korean barbecue before calling it a day.  So it was a very busy time, but a whole lot of fun! 


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Anonymous said...

So you've mentioned that C likes strongly flavored foods. I'm definitely with him on this. A coworker recently introduced our office to the "Garlicky Kale" salad from Whole Foods. It's basically just raw kale and garlic and it definitely fulfills the "intensely flavored" criterion (our office is pretty evenly divided about whether it's a delight or an abomination). Presumably the little guy wouldn't be into the kale part, as it's a bit...leafy, but there's a copycat recipe for the dressing here:

(And yes, our office is probably the worst smelling one on the entire West Coast...)

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