Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Which I Call 911 Yet Again

Connor is back in the hospital right now, folks.

This has not been the best of weeks.

We woke up to him coughing last night about midnight, went into his room and could feel the heat radiating off of him. We took his temperature and it read 104.1. About that time he started having trouble breathing, turning blue, and making some rhythmic jerking movements. We called 911. By the time the ambulance got there he had stopped, was breathing easier, and had fallen asleep, but they still didn't like the way he was breathing, so in we went.

So here we are, seven hours later. Connor's temperature is under control-- they've got it down to 99.9, and he's breathing sounds better. They suspect that he had a febrile seizure-- he's had one in the past-- and want to monitor him to make sure he doesn't have another high fever spike that could trigger another one. They are pretty sure he doesn't have an infection in his incision or sepsis, thank God, but they're concerned that it might be some sort of flu or possibly RSV or another infectious disease, so all of the nurses are suited up and he's basically under quarantine. They thought it best to keep him under observation for a while, so hopefully we'll be released some time this afternoon if we don't have any more adventures. Right now he seems to be fine, if crabby, irritable, and running a low grade fever.

Jer's doing the first shift at the hospital, and I am now going to bed, as I have had two hours of sleep. I'll keep you all updated on Connor and how he's doing.



Michelle said...

Oh Jess, I'm so sorry that you're all having such a difficult time. I know how terrifying it is to watch your child's breathing capacity diminish while waiting for the ambulance . . . I lost track of how many times we've called 911. I'll be thinking of you.

Mary Lorraine said...

Oh goodness. Connor-man, you're yet again at the forefront of my thoughts. I love all of you. Hope he doesn't set off on any more adventures anytime soon. Get well soon, nephew of mine!

Julia said...

I'm so sorry! I hope they find the cause of the fever soon and that it's nothing serious. I'm sending you healing, hopeful thoughts from NY.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Conner's hospital visit, we try to keep updated with you, Jeremmy and Conner every day. We hope Conner will be out of the hospital soon.
Brechtje and family.

gloria said...

Oh Connor, we feel awful for you. Jessie, we're around. Just call if you need anything.

J. said...

Oh Jess, hand in there. Lots of good thoughts headed your way. Don't you forget to breathe and take of yourself as well

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