Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tea and Cake, Anyone?

Today was an eventful day!

We headed out this morning for a little bit of shopping, and I stopped by Ross and found a nice glass cake stand on sale. I've been looking for one to do a big terrarium centerpiece in so I was happy to find one. Anyway, we came home and I unwrapped it and set it up on our counter, planning to go look for interesting stones and moss later in the day. I looked up from my perch on the futon about an hour later to discover Loki, blatantly ignoring the household rules, up on the counter completely oblivious to everything around him. I yelled at him, but he payed absolutely no attention to me because he was so focused on blissfully, enthusiastically bathing the cake stand.

Crazy cat.

The second thing that happened today is that Connor decided that his left hearing aid was looking a little dirty, and so while I was sitting here at the computer with him on my lap, he took it out and dunked it into my piping hot raspberry tea. I'm relatively sure that immersion in raspberry tea is not an acceptable cleaning method for hearing aids. Keep in mind that he already broke his right hearing aid and so he's now sporting naked ears. I wiped the hearing aid off as best I could, took the battery out, and put the aid in Connor's drying kit. I'll find out tomorrow morning whether or not we're out two hearing aids instead of just one, and the fix for the left one would probably be a little more complicated than the fix for the right. I'm really looking forward to explaining at Family Conversations play group tomorrow why my child is there without any equipment whatsoever. Lovely.

Perhaps Connor felt bad about dunking his hearing aid in my tea, because he cheered up afterwards and made an extra effort to be charming. My friend Anna and I went out for phở and Connor sat in a neat little high chair at the end of the table. Apparently Anna eating with chopsticks was the most hilarious thing he had ever seen in his entire life. Every time she lifted the chopsticks to her mouth, he'd erupt into peals of laughter. He had the whole restaurant in stitches. It was pretty adorable. It's nice to have a child who is so easily amused.

Between Connor and the cat, who needs TV? I've got live entertainment 24 hours a day!



Anonymous said...

Seems like Connor is back to his normal happy self!

Kara said...

Cute! I love your funny Connor stories, but I must admit, I love your crazy cat stories too!

Julia O'C said...

That? Is a very cool cat.

Aren't belly laughs the best? Emmett thinks it's funny if I say, "Messy!" He howls with delight. Needless to say, I say it A LOT!

Julia said...

Our cat compulsively licks plastic grocery bags. Crazy cat.

Every few days Ben will choose a new word to laugh hysterically at. For awhile it was "Gesundheit," and then "staticky", and "Timbuktu."

Julia said...

Oh, I'm also admiring Connor's total indifference to the fact that you were intending to drink the tea. This did not dissuade him from using it as an ad hoc aid cleanser. Or did you consider the theory that his intent was not so much to clean the aid but to spice up the tea, give it a little aid-flavored piquancy? It's that little hint of earwax that really expands the flavor and opens up the senses.

Connor's Mom said...

Zanda: He's getting there. He's still having some pretty disgusting GI issues, but his skin looks much, much better and he's more cheery.

Kara: We do know how to pick 'em, don't we?

Julia O'C: Cool is not the word I generally think of when I think of Loki. "Neurotic" comes to mind. Oh well.

Connor is also highly amused by "nineteen." Nineteen is a very funny number. I walk around in the grocery store doing my best Count von Count impression over and over again. "Nineteen! AH AH AH AH AH!!!" The other shoppers give me a wide berth.

Julia: Loki believes plastic bags are for shredding. Cricket believes plastic bags are beneath her dignity.

That is a very good point about the tea. Perhaps he is experimenting with exotic flavors. I believe that ear wax, while perhaps adding interesting notes to the tea, does not blend well with raspberry. Perhaps it would go better with something more organic, like Oolong. Feel free to experiment and tell me how it goes. I think I'll stick to my honey and lemon.


Ellen said...

Hi! Connor is a crack-up! I think the world needs ConnorTV.

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