Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Which My Sister Arrives, And Loki Makes A Pest of Himself

My sister's plane arrived a ridiculous 40 minutes early, so there was a mad scramble to the airport this afternoon. She arrived intact however, and thus far has not opened any of my closets, so she has remained that way. We picked up Jer, had a quick snack, and then left him and the little guy at the house while we tootled down to Olympia for some window shopping and to pick up a strawberry-rhubarb pie from Boston Harbor Pies, which has expensive but ridiculously tasty fare. Than we stopped off at the Food Co-op and Top grocery for some supplies. Finally we headed back home and I began making one of my specialty dishes: Buffaloaf.

It was that or Buffalacos, but my sister wanted Buffaloaf, so Buffaloaf it was. Tomorrow we will be having Leftaffaloaf, as we didn't finish all of it tonight. Here's the super top-secret recipe, which I am only sharing with several million of my closest Internet friends:

1) Take one recipe for meatloaf.

2) Substitute buffalo.

3) Use "buffaloaf" in as many sentences during the course of the evening as is humanly possible. This adds to the flavor.

Connor was okay with seeing his aunt-- not Super Happy Excited as she is not made out of chocolate pudding and is not a pony or the letter "W," but he wasn't sad about it either. Loki, however, was ecstatic. A new person to pet him and love him! She must be here just to see him! He spent most of the evening shoving himself under all the available hands in some sort of kitty frenzy. Then he retreated to the cat tower, which had somehow turned into a giant mouse and had to be gnawed upon and kicked. I'm pretty sure he'll be winding down soon and saving up his energy so he can start another round about three in the morning, preferably by chasing Cricket back and forth across my sister's bed.

Tomorrow we're off to Seattle for Pike Place Market and to schedule Connor's surgery date. Wish us luck!



Princess Abigail said...

Dear Connors Mama

you are off your rocker.

My Mama likes that.

A lot.

Princess ABigail

Julia O'C said...

I think that if we knew each other IRL, we'd be friends - or at least able to make each other laugh.

Your cleaning method? Mine, too!

Buffaloaf? LOVE it (the word..I've never actually eaten one). Whenever we have meatloaf, I call it "loaf" and invite family members to pinch it. I laugh and laugh every time. It's a miracle my husband hasn't left me yet.

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister.

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