Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today was a nice, relaxing day. We drove to our local Panera for breakfast and then headed down to the flea market taking place on post. We didn't find anything, and it was really crowded, so we gave up and headed back home. Connor ate Second Breakfast (he eats in the hobbit fashion around here) and then we all took a nap. Or rather, I took a nap and Jer watched Connor. I woke up a little after one.

"I'm just going to pop over to the grocery store," I told Jer, heading oAdd Imageut the door. "I'll be right back." Jer would have been completely justified in rolling his eyes at this point.

Three hours later I returned with several new books for Connor, a couple new books for myself, a bottle of honey mead, some apple-almond stuffed pork tenderloin, a high pressure shower head, and a couple of crazy beeswax candles. Apparently, despite the fact that they look identical, were in the same bin, and have the same label, one candle is slow burning wax and the other is of the crazy-messy-throw-hot-wax-all-over-my-table variety. Jer and I ate pork tenderloin and spinach salad; Connor ate garlic-herb flavored chevre and apple-almond stuffing. Then Jer and I drank mead, which turns out to be pretty good stuff. Connor asked for mead but was denied. Sadness. We all watched in fascination as the candles burnt down at completely different rates while debating on what things in our house we should drip hot wax all over. No pyromaniacs live here, I swear.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to drag Jeremy to World Market to look at a couple of couches. Our sad futon, left over from our college days, didn't have much padding to begin with and is now beginning to degrade in interesting lumpy ways, as the cats both have their favorite spots on it and have worn down the padding in those places. As we're going to have a huge number of visitors over the next few months who will be relegated to sleeping on this sad, decrepit piece of furniture, I think they'd appreciate us buying something a little more comfortable. I'd debated buying a couch while Jer was gone, but ended up chickening out, as something that costs that much money is not something that I want to buy on my own. What if he came home and hated it? Not that Jer gets very fired up about interior decorating, but oh well. I worry about these sorts of things. So a-couching we will go!



Julia O'C said...

Happy shopping! I'm happy for you that your husband is home.

Michelle said...

Found your blog through Deaf Village. Thanks for sharing your story with such hope and humor - what a miracle Connor is, and a cute one too! Sounds like you're having an AWESOME weekend!

Connor's Mom said...

Julia O'C: Thanks! We had a good time shopping, and I'm happy he's home too. :)

Michelle: Welcome! I went and checked out your blog-- Xander sure is a cutie too!

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