Sunday, March 29, 2009

Loki The Epicurean

Last night I got fourteen hours of sleep.

I feel much refreshed.

Connor is still rather under the weather, so we stuck close to home today. The cats thought this was great, as they had a number of issues they needed to bring to our attention. Loki is currently very concerned with the fact that I picked up the chicken flavored cat food and not the salmon. I alternate, as Cricket enjoys the chicken and Loki prefers seafood. Loki keeps going over to the completely full food bowl, meowing pathetically, and scratching at the cat food bag. I think he hopes that if he keeps asking, the bag will magically dispense his favorite flavor.

Loki also discovered Connor's giant balloon yesterday. In his endless quest to eat things Not Meant for Consumption, he chewed all the paper ribbon off the sides of it. Then he threw up a giant ball of ribbon and chicken cat food all over the middle of Connor's floor, which I discovered with my bare feet at three in the morning when I went in to turn off Connor's pump. While I am glad that the ribbon is out of Loki's system and not shredding his intestines or something, I kind of wish he had chosen a more convenient place to get rid of it. Or, baring that, that he had waited until it was Jeremy's turn to tend to Connor. Oh well.

Crazy cat.



gloria said...

I'm all too familiar with that wet-mushy-cold-nastiness feeling of when a nice ripe pile of cat regurgiation is found. I finally broke down and begged Petco's staff to share some sort of magic remedy with me to get Juju to stop yacking up his food. (They told me to elevate the dish. Supposedly that helps with digestion... We'll see.) Anyway, just wanted to say, "I Know That Feeling Too! Gross!"

Thanks again! See you tomorrow morning.

Julia O'C said...

Oh, ick! I, too, am familiar with that feeling, though it's our dog who is the culprit. Always on a rug, mind you - never the tile or even the wood floor. Always, always on a rug.

Glad to hear that Connor is feeling a bit better and that you were able to get some sleep.

Lin said...

What a lovely surprise--brought to you by the cat. Yuck. Been there. And what is it that they have to throw up on the one rug in the house with all those bare floors everywhere? Ugh. Thank you kitty. Glad you got some well-needed sleep though.

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