Friday, March 6, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Jeremy is home!!!!!!

We're so excited that Jer is back from his training-- it's been about six weeks now and we've had virtually no contact, so it's great to have him back! I've known for a few days that he'd be returning, but because of safety and security issues I didn't mention it on here-- the same reason I don't talk about his rank, job description, location of training, blah blah blah. At any rate, he's home now and it's wonderful to have him in the house!

Connor had a much better day today-- he was still a little clingy, but he obviously is really happy about Jer being home. Connor showed off all of his new tricks: the flashcards, new vocabulary, etc, and his Daddy was very impressed.

As for Jer and I-- we're hoping to leave Connor with his respite care worker some time in the next couple of weeks so we can spend a day together and get a chance to reconnect.

The other good news is that not only does Connor's left hearing aid still work, but it now has a deliciously fruity scent. No doubt this will be very refreshing to Connor throughout his day. I'm sure that was his intention all along.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's home safe and sound. Kids love their dads...I always say my kid's best and favorite toy is my hubs!

Kierstyn said...

YAY!!!! No more single mommy!

And the whole hearing aid story is so funny! I'm telling you, these boys just have it in for us. :-)

And yes, you should totally do a party for Connor! Parties are sooooo fun!!! In my next life (when I'm not a sleep deprived mommy) I'm going to be a party planner.

Kimberley said...

Connor's Mom, Thank you so much for the comment on my daughter's blog. Boy you have your hands full too. Raising a special needs child can be tough but it sure does have it's rewards. I've only had a moment to peruse your blog, but I love it! Take care. Kimberley

Holly Nappi Collins said...

I'm new to your blog but it does sound like you have your hands full, especially if your husband is and has been away--glad he's home safe, as well!! Your son is adorable btw!!

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog and looking forward to reading more here!

Leah said...

I really like the way you have set up your blog with the medical conditions listed.
I liked the cat washing the cake dish almost more!
I found an abstract today that reminded me of Connor - email me and I'll send it to you?
I'm glad Connor's dad is home.

Ellen said...

That is so wonderful. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend together.

Connor's Mom said...

Mia: I totally agree. Jer and Connor play way rougher and longer than Connor and I do-- he's got more arm strength. Connor is so much happier now that his daddy is home!

Kierstyn: I think you are a fantastic party planner, and I already have an idea for your first gig. Come plan Connor's party! You don't have a commute AT ALL!!!

On second thought, maybe it is a bit of a drive. I'm sure the boys would behave perfectly the entire 35 hours y'all are in the car, though, so no worries there. Righhht.

Kimberly and Holly: Thanks to both of you for coming to visit!

Leah: Thanks-- it just made it a little easier for me since all the links are right there and that way I can activate them every time I do another Medical Monday. I'll pop by your blog and shoot you an e-mail!

Ellen: It's been pretty good so far!


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