Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Which The Weather Does All Manner of Crazy Things

This morning we woke up to two inches of snow on the ground. It snowed until about 11:30, and then began raining. It rained until 3:00, and then we had blue skies and sun until about 4:00, where it abruptly became gloomy and rainy again. It's supposed to snow again tonight.

I have no idea why the weather has become so wishy-washy, but I'm sure it's somehow Loki's fault. He's been disgustingly smug today. No doubt he's built a weather machine out of stolen printer parts, dryer lint, and drinking straws. I think he has it hidden under my refrigerator-- he's always fishing around down there. I can think of many reasons why he would want to control the weather, but the top one is probably so he can cause a volcano to erupt or something on all of the days when he's supposed to have a vet appointment.

Crazy cat.

During the brief period of sun, we drove down to Solo Point, a little military-access only beach just south of post. I was hoping to show my sister some of the neat brown and orange starfish and the little purple crabs, but the starfish were in hiding, and the only crabs we saw had already shuffled off this mortal coil. Dead crabs, while still purple, are not nearly as amusing to watch.

While it was sunny and pretty outside, it was also extremely windy. Connor thinks this is highly amusing. He loves hair dryers, too-- he kind of leans into them, squinting and with a huge grin on his face: the exact expression he has on his face in this picture, as a matter of fact. I think he likes the noise the wind makes whooshing past his ears. If I could find one, I'd hold his third birthday party in a wind tunnel. He'd have a great time, though I don't know about the other kids.

I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow, but it probably won't be something outdoorsy, as the weather is supposed to be about the same as it was today. We'll figure something out.



Julia O'C said...

You are *SO* funny and you have the best attitude.

Lin said...

Evil Cat! :)

iceehot said...

Conor's face is too cute all squished up!! My Lexi hates the wind, she completely stops breathing whenever the wind blow in her face ... Connor needs to have a little chat with her! ; )

Crazy Cat looks just like my old cat! They are such rascals sometimes!

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Connor, you look like you are having heaps of fun in the photo!

You need to get that spooky event-controlling cat of yours to get ALL the cupboard doors in your house to open simulataneously .... when your Auntie is standing in front of them. That way your Mama and Papa won't be dragging you out place which make you scrunch up your handsome face like that!

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