Monday, March 23, 2009

Surgery Update

This is Jeremy; not Jessie.

Jessie is staying the night with Connor tonight and since only one of us is allowed to stay I have been ordered to update the blog.

Connor's is fine. He has been moved out of post-op and into his recovery room. He was initially extremely sad/angry until adequate morphine was injected and is now in a state of calm awakeness.

He has not yet discovered the tube sticking out of his stomach, and hopefully will remain ignorant until we can cover it with a onesie to protect it.

All I got.



Julia said...

Glad to hear he's doing well. Keep us updated. I hope you've recovered from your "Pinkie the Alien" trauma.

Ellen said...

Hi. I am so glad Connor is OK. That surgery crept up really fast, and now it's over. Good luck disguising that tube.

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