Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Which We Set Sail In Our New Craft

Could it possibly have been a more perfect day?

This morning I faxed our offer in to our real estate agent. They're setting up a meeting to present the offer to the seller, and hopefully in a few days we'll have an answer! I expect that they'll probably want to negotiate, but we'll just have to see. It's just so exciting to have taken that first big step!

At around 10:00 or so my mother-in-law, Connor and I left to go pick up the van! Here's Connor strapped in for his first van ride. His chair is crash-tested and has a special harness and tie down system, so I can have him ride in the car in his wheelchair right next to his Daddy! We haven't tried all three of us in the car yet, but we probably will tomorrow. He really enjoyed riding in his wheelchair on the way home; he giggled the entire way (almost two hours) which tells you he really had a good time! I think he likes the big windows, and I like the built-in mirror (separate from the rear view mirror) angled so that I can see him in case he has another seizure while I am driving.

While my mother-in-law drove to Tacoma to check out a big tent book sale they were having at the mall, Connor and I went home, where I promptly handed him off to his respite care worker and Jer and I went out on a date! This is the first time since August 11th that Jer has traveled anywhere except to a medical facility or our house, so it was wonderful to have that freedom again. First we drove out to Bradley Park, the wonderful wheelchair accessible park in our town, and tried out the paved trails there while we soaked in some much-needed sunshine. Then we headed over to Best Buy, where we spent some time browsing the games and movies.

After that it was time for dinner, so it was off to our favorite Greek restaurant-- the same one Jer and I dined in on our last date just before he deployed. Jer was able to pull up quite nicely alongside the table and eat in relative comfort, which was great! The proprietors recognized me (after my son had a seizure in the middle of their restaurant I suppose I'd be hard to forget) and when I told them that Jer was back from Afghanistan, they made a big announcement and brought out their signature appetizer (it involves cheese, pita bread, and three foot high flames) on the house. Then two different groups of patrons fought over who would pay our bill and finally compromised by splitting it and then also getting us a gift card to the restaurant. Totally unexpected and amazing.

We wrapped up the night with a trip to the coffee shop, and then we drove home, exhausted but happy.

I'll try to get some video of the van in action tomorrow as well as some pictures of Jer and Connor in the van together so you can get the full effect of its awesomeness. Jer and I didn't take pictures together today-- we were too busy out having a great time!

And I would like to point out one last thing that tipped the day over into perfection-- this all happened on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Avast, me hearties-- we be casting off on the morrow for distant shores!



Sweet Lorraine said...

That's a reeeally cute picture of you, sister o' mine. Good to see you looking so chipper, and glad to hear it's been a good day. :]

Janis said...

Nice ride & Cool deal on the restaurant!!! Niice!!

Arrrgh! (That was my best pirate impersonation...but since I had to explain...not so good.)

Anonymous said...


Joy said...

every time i read these fabulous updates about the good in peoples hearts that you're finding on this journey, i get all teary.

i'm glad things are coming together.

Niksmom said...

Beaming with joy for you. What an awesome day all the way around!

Kristin said...

I'm was hoping that this outing was going to be better than the last and it certainly seems so! I'm glad to read that strangers were "fighting" over who paid dinner. Its awesome to know people recognize what Jeremy does for our country and what you do in supporting him.

And super "arrrrhhg" for Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

Greymare said...

Glad you got to hear you got your van!

Yaaar!! Avast, what be the name of ye schooner?

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a pretty great day! So funny that people were fighting over paying your bill at the restaurant. You just keep running into nice people everywhere (kinda makes up for the rude cashier that you ran into a few weeks ago!). : )

Julia said...

Shiver me timbers, that's a fine bit o' accessible van ye got there, and I'd be thinkin' the winsome wench in the picture be you alongside the wee lad. (Okay, I'm veering into very bad Scottish brogue, which is almost as bad as my famously bad Cockney, which I've been perfecting lately due to Ben's obsession with Mary Poppins.)

So glad you had a perfect day, and that Jeremy got some fresh air and sunshine. Keep bringing out the best in people.

Julia said...

Oh, I meant to add that you've got a pretty cool MIL if her idea of a good time is a big tent book sale! You obviously married very well.

leah said...

Harr... ye land lubbers have found the perfect ride!

I still have my fingers crossed for the new house!!!

Karelle Photography said...

It brings tears to my eyes to hear about the people at the restaurant. I'm so happy to hear that people are so generous and thankful.
I'm glad things are going well for you guys today!

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