Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Which Connor Catches A Bug And I Fret About Leaving

I'm feeling a little bit better today, which is great.  Connor, however, is not.  We started out the morning running errands, but I had to cut them short and take him home because he started looking more and more droopy.  I figured this was because he stayed up until three in the morning, but then he started having a bunch of seizures and spiked a fever.  He had nine today and at one point was running a 102 degree fever while on Tylenol.  So I guess I shared whatever crud I had with him, and considering how hard it hit me this is not a good thing.  He spent literally the entire day either having a seizure or sleeping with his covers pulled up half over his eyes and a death grip on his favorite stuffed animal.  Poor little guy.

I'm leaving for Montana tomorrow night, so Jer will be nursing him through this one.  He's a great dad and knows just how to take care of the little guy, so I'll only freak out and call him once an hour or so to see how they're doing.  I've never been that far away before when Connor is sick, so I'll probably be a nervous wreck and worrying about him every second even though I know Jer has things covered.  That's part of being a mom, I guess.

I hope he's feeling well enough by Friday to venture outside and watch his annual Personal Parade-- the high school marching band always practices on our street the day before the Daffodil Parade in town, and Connor believes that they are performing especially for him.  They usually stop and play in front of our house, and he applauds wildly for all of them.  I'm sure he'd hate to miss them, so hopefully he'll be up for the event! 

Since it happens on a Friday, he's never gotten the chance to share the parade with his daddy.  I think they'd have a pretty good time together, especially since Jer was in the marching band in high school and college.  He played tuba.  I sort of wish he still had a tuba, because I think Connor would find listening to his daddy play to be tremendous amounts of fun.

Of course, I have no idea where we'd keep the thing.  Tubas are not exactly something you can stick on a shelf in your closet.  So perhaps it's for the best!


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