Monday, April 16, 2012

In Which I Head To The Doctor And Play With More Power Tools

Today while Connor was at school I took a trip to the doctor's office.

It felt really weird going to the doctor without Connor and for something other than my annual well-check; I think the last time I went in was back in January when I injured my shoulder.  My fever was actually gone when I woke up this morning, but I promised Jeremy I'd go in and since I've been sick for over a week now it was probably time. 

They did a rapid strep test, which thankfully came back negative.  The results of the cultures they did should be ready in a few days, but it's pretty likely that this is either a really, really nasty virus or I got two different bugs back-to-back.  I'm hoping for the two different shorter bugs, because now Jeremy is sick too and I don't want him to have a whole week of misery like I've had. 

Connor feels great-- which is sort of a mixed blessing as he's absolutely full of energy right now-- but of course I'm glad that he's not sick.  He's happy to be back in school and has been spending a lot of time playing with the day-glo, vibrating frog toy I brought him back from Montana.  Of course he won't pull the string out himself; he just yells until I do it for him and then giggles a whole bunch as it runs across his arms.  Silly little guy.

I've been trying to slow down and take it a bit easier so I'll get well faster (besides the Montana bout, which probably wasn't slowing down given all the driving, playing derby, etc. but was totally fun so it doesn't count) but it's pretty difficult because Connor needs entertainment and the chores aren't going to do themselves around here.  I also still have plenty of work to do on Ellen's room. 

I made her curtain rods today; I bought a closet rod for four bucks, cut it in half and cut each half to size, drilled holes in the ends and painted them because heck if I'm going to pay thirty bucks per curtain rod.  Then I screwed finials into the things and I think the end result is pretty decent.  The finials are a tad crooked, but since I'm hanging two curtain rods (they will be short rods for the individual panels that will hang on either side of the window to match the rest of the house) and I paid under twenty dollars for the whole mess I don't really care.  Now I just have to find (or make) the curtains to go on the rods, and that's one more project done!


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