Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Which We Celebrate Another Easter With The Sniffles

Happy Easter, everyone!

Since we once again spent this Easter being horribly sick as a family (this is the, um, third year in a row I think so it's sort getting to be a tradition) I didn't take any pictures, as we are all-- me in particular-- looking particularly festive with our bright red noses and chapped lips. 

So instead you can enjoy the only picture Connor has ever taken with the Easter bunny.  He was a week old and also asleep so he couldn't protest, and also this one at least didn't have the full face mask on.  That's the only reason he isn't yelling his little head off. 

The one at the mall this year did have the giant mask, though he was sans the four-inch long teeth in an effort to make him slightly less menacing.  He made up for the lack of terror-inducing teeth by holding really, really still to lure children in by posing as a giant stuffed animal and then making sudden lunging motions when the kids were within range.  I think it was probably because he could barely see in that thing and could only tell there were children there once they were about three feet away, but it was basically every nightmare you ever had as a child of your stuffed animals coming to life and eating you.  You could hear the children screaming from halfway across the mall.  The only way the parents could get them to sit on his lap was to bribe them heavily with candy. 

So anyway, we stuck to the house, went through a ton of tissues and throat lozenges and focused on the much more important non-Easter-bunny-related aspects of the holiday.  Happy Easter, everyone-- hope the bunnies didn't get you this year!


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