Monday, April 30, 2012

In Which Connor's Day Takes A Turn For The Worse

Connor had a little seizure this morning, but he perked back up after a short nap and I sent him off to school.  He apparently had a pretty good day at school.  Unfortunately that was the end of his fun times today, because by eight this evening he'd had ten seizures.

When he wasn't having a seizure he was asleep; he spent about eight hours of the day snoozing and he's conked out right now.  We think he's probably getting sick; he's running a low-grade fever so we dosed him up with Tylenol.  It's hard to tell whether or not the fever is related to an actual illness or if it's just a side effect of all the seizures, though. 

He hasn't had this many seizures in a long time, and this was totally out of the blue.  So we're really hoping that this is related to an illness and isn't an indication that his medication is failing.  He's been doing so well recently, so if these seizures aren't sickness related this is definitely quite the setback. 

Either way, I just hope he feels much better tomorrow. 



Julia O'C said...

I hope he feels better, too. Thinking about you guys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Sir Connor had a rough day. Be sure and give him a kiss for me.



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