Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Which I Have The Snuggliest Child In The World

I might have a bit of a biased opinion, but I'm relatively sure I have what might be one of the cutest little guys in the entire universe right in my very own house.  Also the snuggliest.

The kitty agrees with the snuggly part. 

Connor spent a couple of hours napping next to me on the couch after his stander time-- he spent a full hour and a half in the stander and after all that work he was just plumb tuckered out.  Otherwise he spent most of the day with his daddy, because I was out and about buying various things for Ellen's room.  Jeremy contributes in a ton of ways to our family, but decorating is not his thing.  So I'm doing the picking and choosing of furniture and whatnot, and I'm having a blast!

I bought two mattresses for her room (she's got a trundle bed) that are fairly firm-- we figure that Ellen is probably used to sleeping on a relatively hard bed, and even if she isn't it's a lot easier to make a hard mattress softer with a topper than it is to make a soft mattress harder.  I also found a desk for her today.  It had good bones but the finish was pretty ratty, so I'm painting it to go in her room. 

Hopefully it will turn out well!


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What a lovely photo.

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