Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Which I Have A Slightly Better Day And A Date Night

I'm feeling slightly better today; I no longer feel like I'm hearing everything from underwater and my fever is completely gone, thank goodness.  I took the opportunity while Connor was in school to do some more napping, and that helped.

Connor decided that today was a day for naps too; he slept half the day away at school.  His strategy was to pretend he was falling asleep whenever it got to be his turn for anything, and as soon as they skipped him he was suddenly fine.  He stayed up until three in the morning last night, so it's not too surprising that he was tired.  He had a couple of seizures today too, so I was expected him to be pretty worn our tonight.  Apparently the naps he stole during the day were just enough to refresh him though, because now he seems determined to pull an all-nighter.  Oh well.

Despite looking like death warmed over and sounding like I'm gargling gravel, Jeremy and I went out on a date night.  Because dang it, we've had this date night scheduled for a while and as long as I'm breathing and retain the use of most of my limbs, I'm not missing an outing with my husband where I can enjoy every last second of my blissful Uninterrupted Adult Conversation Time.  And it was glorious, even if my half of the conversation was delivered in a scratchy monotone at just above a whisper. 

So that was lovely, and hopefully we'll do it again soon!  Only without the being deathly ill part.  We can skip that.


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krlr said...

Hey, there are lots of women who strive for that sexy gravely voice - Lauren Bacall, Phoebe on Friends. Um, well, that's the extent of my cultural references.

Hope you feel better soon!

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