Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Which I Am Back From Idaho

I'm back!

I went down to Boise, Idaho this weekend to skate with a pick-up team called the Blitzkrieg Bruisers in a bout against the Treasure Valley Rollergirls.  Most of the players on the Blitzkrieg Bruisers hadn't actually ever skated together; our warm-up was the first time we'd ever stepped on the track as a team.  So it was pretty exciting when we managed to hold our own and ended up losing by only 19 points, which in derby is a really close bout! 

So I had a fantastic time and I've came back with a glorious bruise or two, but I can't show you any pictures because none of the bruises are in places that are appropriate for me to put photos of on the Internet.  However, I didn't break anything or get seriously injured and I had a blast, so the trip was a success!

We spent all of today driving back, and I got home, gave Connor a few snuggles (he promptly fell asleep on my chest, so he got an early bedtime) and grabbed a change of clothes because then it was time for a two hour scrimmage with my league.  It was all derby, all the time this weekend!  While I had a great time, I'm glad to be home and back spending time with my family, and I think that's probably the last of my long weekend derby trips for the season. 

Unless something pops up at the last minute, of course.  It happens.


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