Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Which I Shop Willingly And Connor Shops Under Protest

Today after Connor's school let out we stopped by the house just long enough to get his noon medication and his feeding supplies before we were off to do some shopping.  I wanted to find Ellen's curtains today as well as pick up a few things at Ikea, like a replacement hinge for her cabinet door since I stripped the screws on the one that came with the darn thing trying to get it in.  I am not exactly the handiest chick in the world, and things I put together have a tendency to end up a bit crooked.  .This is okay if I'm putting together, say, a cabinet, but it's probably best if I leave projects that need to have decent structural integrity to other people.

Of course since we were at Ikea we had to look at all of the other things there, and we ended up spending almost three hours tootling around the store, partially because it's fun to shop and partially because once you enter Ikea you can't find your way out again without touring practically the whole dang store.  I did get the hinge I needed, but I also picked up a few things I probably could have lived without. 

By the time I was ready to wrap things up Connor was more than finished shopping.  When waving "bye bye" to absolutely everyone we met didn't do the trick he resorted to pretending to fall asleep in his wheelchair.  Every time I'd stop to look at something (or we passed a television that was on) he'd crack his eyes open and peek around, and then as soon as he saw I was looking he'd quickly squeeze them shut again, the little stinker.

As soon as we got out into the parking lot he miraculously recovered and got really excited when he saw our van because I told him that we'd be heading home after the shopping trip.  I put all our stuff in the car and started walking back towards the store entrance with him to put the bag we'd borrowed away, and Connor started signing "NO NO NO NO," waving bye bye frantically and yelling at the top of his lungs.  Evidently he thought we were going in for round two. 

Silly little guy.


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