Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Which Potty Training Continues And Connor Amuses Himself

Day two of potty training went just as swimmingly as day one. 

I went out first thing this morning and bought a little potty chair for Connor, the idea being that maybe our problem is that he doesn't like going on his modified toilet chair in the bathroom.  So if we could convince him to start going on the potty chair, we could eventually move it into the bathroom and then slowly transition him back to his toilet chair.

So we talked all about the potty, sang a song about the potty, etc.  We put him down on the chair in the living room (sitting on the couch and holding him in place with our knees because there's no way he would actually stay on the chair by himself).  We decided that resorting to bribery was totally not a bad parenting strategy in this case, and told him that if he went pee pee on the potty, he would get to go to the park as a reward.  Connor loves going to the park. 

Evidently he loves not going on the potty a whole lot more, though.

Connor sat on the potty for the next four and a half hours.  During that four and a half hours he figured out a few amusing things to do, none of which involving actually peeing on the potty.  For example, he discovered an exciting game in which he would scoot himself forward to where he was, um, aimed at the floor instead of in the potty, make some grunting noises and then watch mom and dad fall over themselves trying to get him aimed back in the potty.  This was apparently highly amusing.  After a couple of hours it lost its appeal though, so he quit doing it until four and half hours in he decided he absolutely couldn't hold it anymore, at which point he quickly scooted forward and peed all over the floor.

Well played, Connor.  Well played.

So that was the end of potty training for today.  I suppose we'll keep sticking him on the thing after school until he figures out that if he pees, his reward is that he doesn't have to sit on the potty any more.  Since this kid is every bit as stubborn as I am, I figure we won't be leaving the house a whole lot.  Fun times. 

Also I'll be adding paper towels and floor cleaner to tomorrow's shopping list.  I have the feeling we'll be going through our supply a wee bit faster than usual here.  No pun intended.



Julia O'C said...

I'm all for using bribery (disguised as incentive).

I admire the heck out of you for trying so hard here. I also admire the heck out of Connor. I didn't realize he was quite as strong-willed as all that. Oh, well - at least now you know that he CAN control his bladder and bowels!!

Karen Braitmayer said...

Jess - is there a chance he has seen his dad pee standing and he doesn't want to pee sitting? I know it isn't practical for him but some boys like to "aim". Would he pee into a jar or held urinal? It's more the the big guys do it.

krlr said...

Your son cracks me up. Four hours!

Did he ever get into Signing Time? There's a new Potty Time DVD out - haven't bought it yet myself (well, not for me - for my girl) but I've heard good things. I know you usually avoid the TV but maybe it falls under the dual bribery/motivation category?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

not a special needs mom here- plain vanilla mom- so just wondering if putting big boy pants on in the morning and let him get *exceptionally* uncomfortable? Gross for you but maybe reinforce feeling yukky with going in underwear?

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