Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Which I Go To Montana And Thoroughly Enjoy Myself

I'm back from Montana!

The area we drove through was absolutely gorgeous, but I saw most of it from behind the steering wheel of my car because we had an eight and a half hour drive back and so we didn't want to take too many side trips.  I'd love to head down that way for a vacation some time though, because we certainly passed a lot of things worth exploring!

Our bout was on the University of Montana campus and it was completely worth the long drive down; I have to say it was one of the most fun bouts I've ever played in.  No one got hurt, everyone had a great time both on the track and at the afterparty, and the Hellgate Rollergirls were extremely gracious and made my whole team feel like a million bucks.  It's so fantastic to play a team that is genuinely friendly and welcoming whether they win or lose!

From what Jer told me it sounds like the boys had a pretty great time while I was gone too!  He had a really quiet day Friday because Connor was still under the weather, and they missed Connor's Personal Parade this year (apparently it was on Thursday when the little guy was so sick).  However, today they did go down to the actual Daffodil parade, because Connor's fever was gone and he was feeling so much better. 

They started out down at the very front of the street nearest to the parade, but Connor was too overwhelmed by all the noise so they retreated to the little park near city hall.  He could still see, but it wasn't quite as loud and overpowering.  He perked right up and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the parade.  The music was by far his favorite part, and he danced when the marching bands went by. 

So while the weekend was great for all of us, I'm really glad to be home!



A said...

I saw Jeremy & Connor leaving the parade. I wondered where you were. I've been meaning to contact you for ages. You were extremely helpful to me a couple years ago by sending me detailed information about school districts & areas to live before we PCSd here. Life has been hectic ever since as I teach SpEd full time while raising 2 kids etc. You jumped into my mind last summer when I was in my new dentists office for the first time, my husband was deployed and my phone rang! Luckily it was just a friend with bad timing! Anyway, it made my heart sing to see how easily Jer was walking and how big Connor was. It sounds like things are going well for you. Maybe we can find time for that cup of tea we emailed about so long ago before we move again this summer. :)

A said...
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