Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Which Jer Has A Birthday And Connor Has A Clean Smile

Jeremy is thirty one today!

This doesn't really seem possible-- he was nineteen when he and I started dating, which is only five years older than our soon-to-be daughter.  Crazy!  Since our daughter won't be allowed to date until she's at least fifty I can think about it without totally freaking out.

Okay, maybe that's a little too strict.  We'll let her see boys at forty-five.  If she double dates.

So we're going out for Jer's birthday celebration tomorrow night, as we had too many things going on today.  One big thing that happened was that Connor had his dentist appointment, which went very well.  We use a circular toothbrush with a rotating head for his daily dental hygiene (recommended by the dentist since his teeth are so small and far apart) and it's very similar to the cleaning tool that the dentist uses in her office.  So he was extremely good for the cleaning, and it only took them about ten minutes to do the whole thing.  He even opened his mouth on command.  Way to go Connor!

The dentist said that she's not worried about Connor's stubborn loose teeth unless his permanant teeth start coming in behind or in front of them, so that's a good thing too.  We'll just have to see how long they hold on; it's been nearly five months now and they show no sign of falling out.  Guess he's got to do everything in his own time!


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Grand Rapids Dentists said...

Nice! Talking about clean smile...My mantra is floss floss floss - I know. You've heard this over and over. Can't say it enough. Sorry. Floss out that spinach or broccoli between your teeth, then jump in and brush it all away with your tooth brush! hehe

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