Monday, January 13, 2014

In Which Eden Has A Birthday

Eden turned sixteen today!

She requested lasagna and lemon bars for her special birthday dinner-- is this kid American or what?  She specifically requested made-from-scratch lasagna, though, so I spent about half the day making it, because I am insane.  It tasted delicious, but I have to say that lasagna out of the freezer section is pretty good too and doesn't involve a ridiculous amount of preparation time.

Also since I made the sauce first and then cooked the noodles before assembling everything, it smelled like lasagna in my house for the entire day and I basically wanted to forget putting it together and simply stuff the pot directly into my mouth.  Garfield and I have a lot in common.

So after school and physical therapy, my parents came over and we ate, chatted, opened presents and then played a rousing game of Chicken Foot before bedtime.  Overall I think she enjoyed herself.  We'll be having a birthday party for her on Saturday and we're bringing a snack to her swim practice tomorrow, so it's like a whole week of birthday celebration for her!  I don't think she minds.

I spent a little quiet time thinking about Eden's birth parents last night-- that's the one day when I can be absolutely sure they're thinking about Eden too.  With the time difference between here and Thailand, Eden's birthday technically happened yesterday over there.  I'm sure that day holds a lot of painful memories for them.  I think of them often-- especially Eden's birth mother-- and hope they somehow know that our shared daughter is safe and growing up well.  It's not likely we'll ever meet, and it's entirely Eden's decision whether or not she chooses to seek them out at some point in her life, but I wish them peace, wherever they might be.

So, onward and upward.  Here's to sixteen!   I can't wait to see what amazing things our girl does with the next year.


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Kathryn said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen Eden!

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