Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Which Things Are Looking Up And I Look Back

Connor went back to school today!  This means that I can once again start looking forward to such events as gaining back a bit of my sanity and the basic mores of personal hygiene.  When your child can literally keel over and die while you are in the shower, you take really short showers.  Either that or you get up before six in the morning while the night nurse is still there to take them.  Guess which option I've been choosing.

Anyway, so Connor was just as excited to get back to school as I was to take him there, so that was nice.  He apparently had a great day, though once I got him home he crashed hard and napped for nearly three hours.  Apparently they gave him a good workout.  I'm really glad that he loves school so much and was ready to get back to it.  Both my kids are this way, actually.  Eden's favorite day is Monday, because that's the day she gets to go back to school after the weekend is over.  Eden is a strange kid; she's perhaps the only teen I've ever met who is actually enjoying her middle school experience.  I remember spending most of my eighth grade year wishing I was as far away from school as possible, so I can't really relate.

Okay granted, I'd moved to a new town my eighth grade year and had managed to break my collarbone during the summer, so I spent the first four months of school wearing a back brace under my clothing that pulled my shoulders back so I looked like I had ridiculously good posture, I had to use a luggage carrier for my books instead of a backpack, and all my clothing had to button at the sleeves.  Also the PE teacher told me that since I couldn't exercise I had to be the 'classroom monitor' and sit in the room with a clipboard writing down the names of anyone who did anything wrong, or he would fail me.

And also I was painfully shy, socially awkward, and had read every book ever written by Mercedes Lackey, which didn't help matters.  Every time I have to meet a new group of people I still have flashbacks to the time that Crystal I-Can't-Remember-Her-Last-Name told me to sit at a different lunch table because "I don't like you and no one else at the table likes you either."  I asked her which table she'd suggest, walked over, put my tray down, excused myself and then went and sobbed into my gym towel in a bathroom stall for forty-five minutes with my feet drawn up on the toilet seat so no one would see me.  Then I got detention for being late to social studies. Yeah, middle school.  Good times.

Um, anyway, got off on a bit of a tangent there.  But overall it was a good day, and I'm glad the little guy is feeling better and back in the classroom!  And I'm also glad Eden enjoys school as much as she does.  She's got enough stuff going on without having any Crystal Whats-Her-Faces in her life, so let's keep it that way, right?



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Connor's better! I cannot believe Eden loves school.. in 8th Grade(over here it's actually Year 9 I was 14/15 and I hated it...was actually going through a rough time around now but anyway I hated school!

Lin said...

Oh my god. That was a horrible story. Somehow, I don't think middle school has changed all that much. I, too, have my own scars from those years--I can't even speak of my experiences.

Well, I like you. I'd sit with you at lunch. I hope that helps you feel a bit better today. :)

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