Saturday, January 11, 2014

In Which There's A Whole Lot Of Snoozing Going On

We had a long day today!

Connor stayed up until around three in the morning-- probably because of the storm.  Then we had to be up by half past six to make it to Eden's swim meet on time.

This was a home meet, which means the parents all pitch in to help run things.  So we were there for eight hours and Eden had four races, each of which was less than three minutes long.  The area I was volunteering in ended up being really slow, so I got quite a bit of reading done.  Connor spent most of the time either snuggled on my lap (for limited periods of time, as it was pretty hot in there) in his chair banging on the iPad, or sacked out in between bleachers.  I got the impression he was extremely bored.  I can't say I blame him.  The things we do for our kids, right?

When we got home, I put Connor down for a quick quiet time, left Eden doing homework at the dining room table and nipped back to my bedroom for a bit of my own quiet time.  When I got the little guy up forty minutes or so later it was to discover that Eden had gone to bed-- at 5:30 in the evening! I guess the swim meet was pretty tiring for her.  Since Connor looks like he'll go down well tonight too, I might even get some extra sleep.  Even the cats are of the same frame of mind; they're both conked out in front of the fireplace right now, and normally whenever the house is quiet they decide it's time to sprint around and yowl like banshees.

Hooray for sleep!


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