Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Which I Look Ahead

We had a busy day today, and I'm pretty tired!  From the way my throat feels right now, I suspect I might be coming down with a bit of a cold.  It's that season, after all.  The kids still seem to be feeling pretty good though, so that's a relief.  It's tough when everyone gets sick.

It's been interesting hearing about Jeremy's first days of clinical rotations as he gets settled in to the new phase of his schooling.  Obviously there's a lot he doesn't share with me since the privacy of patients is really important, but it's great to hear the enthusiasm in his voice when he talks about his work.  I'm so glad that he's finding it so interesting, and I think he's really going to be a fantastic PA once he's finished.

I've been trying to do some more serious writing in the past couple of weeks; I'm starting to look forward to the time when Jeremy graduates, and while it's still almost a year away it's not too soon for me to start thinking about my plans once he's home.  If I want to eventually return to school, I need to start building up a more significant body of work.

Since I've been out of college for ten years now, I doubt my professors would even remember me-- let alone be willing to write me recommendations for graduate school.  That means I'll have to rely largely on my writing skills to find acceptance into a good school, so I need to work hard-- especially if I'm going to attempt to win a grant or scholarship, which I'll likely need as Eden's education will be our priority.  Most low residency graduate programs with a focus in English or creative writing are extremely competitive, and scholarships are even more so.

So I've got to make sure to practice my skills as much as possible in order to have a chance at getting a slot.  Cramming extra writing in on top of my current sort-of-single parenthood, caregiving, and all the other obligations I have right now is a challenge, but I've got to make it a priority if I want to meet my goal.  I love being a mother and a caregiver, and those are my main concerns right now, but that doesn't mean that's all I want to be.  I think it's important to remind myself sometimes that I'm not defined solely by my role as a mother, and that there are dreams it's important for me to hang onto if I want to be true to myself.



Anonymous said...

I bet some of your professors DO remember you. You might try asking. Were you on the staff of the student newspaper? For now, I wonder if there is a writers' club near you that you could join? You don't have to be a published author. It might be fun, and you could make contacts (future references) in the writing community.
A Reader in NC

Martha McClarnon said...

I know your "scariness" of returning to school. It was 17 years before I returned back to college to work on my Masters Degree. Just take one course or two to get your feet wet.Once you see how you do you will feel better.
I was so proud of myself. After the first reporting period I received a 4.0. I know that see

Demetrius Flenaugh said...

“…sort-of-single parenthood, caregiving, and all the other obligations…” – I agree. This is a huge challenge for you. But everything has a brighter side. I’m sure once you’re well-adjusted to your schedules and other routines, everything will go as smoothly as you want it to be. Just keep your positive spirit and everything else will follow.

Demetrius @ HomeCareSugarLand.com

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