Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Which The Kids Are Doing Well And Loki Hogs The Bed

The kids are pretty much settled back into their school routine now, which is nice.  Connor's been making some recent strides in physical therapy; yesterday he stood up leaning against a play area with his knee braces on but without any other support for almost a minute, and he actually spent some time playing with his toys, which is more than we've seen out of him for a while.  It's hard to hold the kid's attention long enough to motivate him to work on something, so I'm happy to see him making some progress!  We'll keep working on his standing with braces for a while and see how far he goes, and when he gets bored we'll switch to something else.

Eden's been making some incredible progress in PT as well; she's currently working on hopping on one foot, which is really awesome. She's come a long, long way in the past year!  She decided she wanted to try on my high heels today and went wobbling around the room laughing; it made me remember trying on my mom's heels as a kid and doing the same thing, though I was quite a bit younger at the time.  I'm so glad I get to make some of the same special memories with her.

We've been keeping the gas fireplace turned on quite a bit, and the cats have spent most of the past week fighting over who gets to sleep in the cat bed in front of the fire and who has to take the blanket, which is clearly inferior in every way.  Loki, who almost always wins because he's about twice Cricket's size, likes to  stretch out on the blanket and then put just his head in the bed while Cricket plops down on the bare floor next to him and looks pitiful.  This is because Loki is kind of evil.  An adorable striped fuzzy ball of evil.  Apparently sharing was not one of the lessons Loki got high marks on in kitty etiquette school.

Crazy cat.


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