Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Which The Sickikin Is Still Sick Around Here

So this morning when Connor continued his epic performance of The Saddest Sad Sickikin That Ever There Was, I went ahead and phoned the doctor's office to get him an appointment.  We have kind of an open door policy there, because my child is, well, high maintenance.  We're lucky to have found such an amazing doctor.

I took him in for a strep test this morning, and then we had the doctor's appointment and a chest x-ray in the afternoon.  The rapid test for strep came back negative-- thank goodness-- and we're taking a 'wait and see' approach for now.  The results on the chest x-ray aren't back yet, but I'm assuming that if it were something dire they would already have called.

Connor spent the whoooooole day asleep.  He slept in his wheelchair on the ride to the doctor's office.  He fell asleep five minutes after his throat culture.  He fell asleep during the exam, slept the entire ride home and then zonked out on the couch for another six hours.  I don't think he was awake more than about two hours total the whole day.  Around eight in the evening he started popping a fever again; he was at 101.3 before I got the Tylenol on board.  This come-and-go fever thing is justlain weird.

So at any rate, I'll be staying home with him again tomorrow.  I hope he catches a break soon!


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Sarah said...

Here's hoping today is a better day for him and you!

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