Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Which My Cats Display Their Elegance And Dignity

So we bought a second cat bed for the cats, because I was tired of listening to them fight all day over which one got to sleep in the bed in front of the fire.  Basically what was happening is that Cricket, who fits perfectly in the bed and who is getting old and crabby so deserves it more anyway, kept getting kicked out of the thing by Loki, who would then only put about a third of his body in it.  I'll admit that he is a really big cat and doesn't quite fit completely in it even when he makes a strenuous effort, but I suspect he did it mostly so Cricket couldn't use it.  Loki is kind of a jerk.

Anyway, so the local pet store had their cat beds on sale and I picked up a larger one so that Loki would actually be able to fit his entire body inside the thing.  I stuck it next to the fireplace and turned the fire on.  Both cats completely shunned it and continued fighting over the smaller, evidently far superior original bed.

So then I had the bright idea of sticking the wool guinea pig bed inside the new cat bed, as it's basically Cricket's Favorite Thing In The Entire World.  This means neither one fits in their bed of choice, and I can now present to you the Most Dignified Cats Ever:

Way to go, cats-- you are a credit to your species.  Good thing you didn't belong to Charles Baudelaire, or he would have written some seriously different poetry.  

Crazy cats.


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Anonymous said...

Your cats are great. when I had 2 cats I had 2 beds.

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