Monday, January 20, 2014

In Which The Sickikin Is Still Sicky

Connor didn't have a single seizure today, which was awesome!  I suspect it's because I kept him on his max dose of Tylenol the whole day, so he didn't have a chance to spike a fever.  He's still definitely under the weather and will be staying home from school tomorrow, but I'm hopeful that he's over the worst of things.

So I have nothing to report; I spent literally the entire day sitting on the couch watching my kid breathe.  My mom stopped by for lunch and to drop off some food since we were starting to run low and I couldn't leave the house, and that was about the extent of my interaction with the outside world today.  Tomorrow will likely be more of the same.  I just hope the little guy gets to feeling better soon!



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Connor is still sick, but happy eh didn't have a seizure. I can imagine how tough it is for you nt being able ot interact with the world because of your sick special needs child. I am disabled and can't leave the building without help, but then again I reside in an institution so have others around me.

Autism United said...

Sending Connor prayers to feel better.

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