Friday, January 31, 2014

In Which Sleep Will Happen Shortly And It Is Awesome

Just popping in here: Connor is currently asleep and I don't have to wait up for the night nurse since it's one of her days off, so I'm going to try for an early bedtime tonight!  This almost never happens, so I'm super excited.  Eden is a bit put-out that our typical bedtime routine will be interrupted, but hey, she'll live.  We've got to be up by six tomorrow so that she can get to her three-hour swim practice on time, so a little extra sleep is going to go a long way.

For me, anyway.  She's not planning to go to bed early, because she is a teenager and I'm pretty sure going to bed early is A Thing That Teenagers Must Never Do.  It's a rule or something.

So both kids had good days today, Jeremy is fine, the cats are causing trouble as usual, I didn't manage to burn the house down today, and all that sort of stuff.  On to the sleep!

Hooray for sleep!


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